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Design Studio Conradin Clavuot

The studio`s aim is the elaboration of cultural architecture. The projects are mainly situated in the Alpine Regions. This means that the creatures, the cultural landscape and a healthy nature shall be cared about and it is aspired to prepare a liveable and sensitive future for this special topography.

Based on existing knowledge, the students develop architectural projects which integrate a design process ranging from general planning research to detailed constructions. The architecture shall represent a sustainable, fascinating and well being debate with the todays needs and wishes and the existing qualities.

The alpine architecture has to deal with different climatic conditions, with different ways of living and working. Hence, cultural architecture has to support those differences. In this studio, existing structures will be reused, reshaped and extended with the aim of the nowadays lowest tec and lowest energy architecture. Local resources will be used for construction and energy and integrated in emotional, expressive architectural projects.

To develop cultural architecture means to work in an interdisciplinary way: arts, new knowledge in building technologies, civil engineering, material ecology, building preservation… are integrated in the studios process.

Current Projects
Design Studio Description WS 15-16

Past Projects
Design Studio Description SS 15
Design Studio Description WS 14-15

 Project Archive
Project archive SS 14
Project archive WS 13-14 Project archive SS 13

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Dipl. Architekt ETH/SWB Conradin Clavuot, Visiting Professor
Dipl. Ing. Robert Mair, Assistant