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Day 2, 17. September 2010
Property and infrastructure


Registrations and coffee

0800   Introduction
Peter Droege, Professor for Sustainable Spatial Development, Hochschule Liechtenstein
    Day Chair
Jemma Green, Vice President Sustainable Development
JP Morgan Chase London

Morning roundtable
Promises and practices of new industrial development, environmental entrepreneurship and sustainable management – visions & lessons

Jan vom Brocke, Professor, Martin Hilti Chair of Business Process Management, Hochschule Liechtenstein

Francesco Schurr, Professor, Chair of Company, Foundation and Trust Law, Hochschule Liechtenstein

Barbara Fuchs, University Lecturer, Van Riemsdijk Chair in Entrepreneurship, Hochschule Liechtenstein

Peter Droege, Professor for Sustainable Spatial Development, Hochschule Liechtenstein


Coffee Meeting Time



Welcome by Hansjörg Hilti, Head of the Institute of Architecture and Planning, Hochschule Liechtenstein


Sustainability in property development and real estate finance
Brian Anthony Ciochetti, Thomas G. Eastman Chair, Chairman and Director, Center for Real Estate, and Professor of the Practice of Real Estate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Banking on high-performance urban development

Climate Design: Principles and Practice
Investing in London’s future: the 2012 Olympic Legacy Master Plan Framework
Jason Prior, Executive Director for Design+Planning, AECOM London

International Building Exhibition IBA-Hamburg as vehicle for sustainable development
Simona Weisleder, Coordinator, Cities and Climate Change,
International Building Exhibition IBA-Hamburg

Sustainability approaches in the development and building industry
Manfred Hegger, Professor for Energy Efficient Building,
Technische Universität Darmstadt


Morning Break


Green property guidance, finance and design

Lessons from and for green property funds
Roger Baumann, Director of Real Estate Asset Management, Credit Suisse

Investment in innovative building technologies
Dietrich Schwarz, Professor of Sustainable Design, Hochschule Liechtenstein

Green property barriers and sucesses across Europe and the United States
Panel exploration led by Brian Anthony Ciochetti, Center for Real Estate, MIT, with
Aaron Binkley, Director, Sustainability Programs, AMB Property Corporation®, San Francisco;
Simon Winker, Head of Corporate Center Redesign, Zurich Insurance Company; Henry Schäfer, University of Stuttgart and CSSP;
Roger Baumann, Credit Suisse;
Manfred Hegger, Technical University Darmstadt




Project BAER: Lake Constance Alpine Rhine
Energy Region in context

Investing in energy and climate regions

Munich 2058: Pathways to fossil carbon free urban infrastructures
Stefan Lechtenböhmer, Co-Director Future Energy and Mobility, Wuppertal Institute for Climate Energy and Environment

The new economy of the 100% energy autonomous region
Peter Moser, Sustainable Regional Development, Renewable Energy and Environmental Policy, deENet, Kassel

How to build a working, prospering, fully renewable community
Peter Vadasz, Mayor of Guessing, Austria


Afternoon Break


Project BAER
Towards a renewable, resilient, regenerative
Lake Constance Region

Regional energy autonomy research framework BAER: Lake Constance-Alpine Rhine Energy Region
Peter Droege, Professor for Sustainable Spatial Development, Hochschule Liechtenstein

Building and settlement integrated renewable energy:
Investing in settlements as power systems
Christopher Klages, Hochschule Konstanz (HTWG), University of Applied Sciences

A framework for renewable energy based mobility in the Lake Constance-Alpine Rhine Energy Region
Hans-Martin Neumann, Researcher, Hochschule Liechtenstein

Renewable electricity and personal vehicles
Franz Baumgartner, Professor of Renewable Energy, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Renewable Energy Consumption Behavior: Helping Residential Consumers to Walk the Talk
Sylviane Chassot, Institute for Economy and the Environment (IWÖ-HSG), University of St. Gallen

The regional dividend of energy and resource efficiency
Susanne Kytzia, Professor, and Raffael Burgy, Researcher,
University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR)


Panel discussion
With Peter Moser, deENet, Kassel;
Stefan Lechtenböhmer, Wuppertal Institute for Climate Energy and Environment;
Peter Vadasz, Mayor of Güssing and


 End of Day 2

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