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Dr.-Ing. Anis Radzi, BArch MUrbDes
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Dr.-Ing. Anis Radzi, BArch MUrbDes
Research Assistant / Postdoc
Institute of Architecture and Planning
Current Activity
Anis Radzi received a first-class honours degree in Architecture and a Master of Urban Design at the University of Sydney in Australia. After practicing architecture for six years working with several leading firms in Sydney, she turned her attention to the research and development of settlement planning and governance for renewable energy integration and autonomy. At present, she is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Chair for Sustainable Spatial Development and studio urban design teacher in sustainable urban design within the Master of Science Program at the University of Liechtenstein. She received her PhD at Darmstadt Technical University in Germany, researching local governmental frameworks and urban tools for renewable energy autonomous settlements. As an applications researcher and policy analyst in the application and promotion of renewable energy in communities, cities and the built environment, she has been involved in several book publications on renewable energy.