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4408220: Thesis Project

Art: Thesis
Plansemester: 4
Selbststudium: 780.0
Semester: WS 17/18



Masterstudium Finance (01.09.2015)


  • Identification of a research problem and development of a research question
  • Thematic formulation of a problem and development of a solution through application of scientific methods.
  • Independence in handling the research problem throughout the assessment and discussions with the
advisor on methodological and content issues in solving a research question.
  • Completion of a comprehensive assignment where the students deal with a theoretical and
practice-oriented problem in their area of specialisation by drawing on scientific work


The complete master thesis has to be handed in at the Central Services Desk before or at the
agreed submission deadline, which is 30.11.2017 .

The first and second advisors propose the grade of the master thesis work and create a
detailed grading sheet.

Please refer to our Guidelines for Academic Work at University of Liechtenstein Regulations and Guidelines