5309662: C19 Digital Innovation

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Semester:SS 22
Lektionen / Semester:52.0 L / 39.0 h
Selbststudium:141.0 h



Masterstudium Wirtschaftsinformatik (01.09.2019)



Digital Innovation covers the fundamentals of digital innovation and the development and implementation of novel and original solutions in which the innovation process, its outcomes, or the ensuing organisational and social transformation is embodied in or enabled by digital technologies. Digital Innovation is one of the core topics of the degree programme, so the course also provides a basis on which students can choose their electives. The course covers six primary topics:

• Fundamental properties of digital technologies and digital innovation
• Organising for digital innovation
• Digital platforms and ecosystems
• Digital innovation and capital creation
• Digital business models
• Digital entrepreneurship


After successful completion of the course, students will

Professional competence
• understand the basics of the fundamentals of digital innovation and the development and implementation
of novel and original solutions that are relevant to the field of information systems
• understand the main concepts, theories, and methods related to digital innovation

Methodological competence
• be able to apply the understanding and the methods into their projects or illustrative cases
• be able to analyse the role of digital technologies in existing business models
• be able to develop business models that consider options created through digital technologies

Social competence
• be able to collaborate and work in teams
• support each other during the learning process

Personal competence
• critically reflect on technological outcomes



• The module involves interactive lectures with exercises to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical design and analysis skills.
• Case studies are used to discuss the course contents. Contemporary scientific publications from Information Systems and Management are discussed in class.


• Students are provided with the lecture slides and supplementary material (e.g., selected journal articles)


Written exam (90min)