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Introduction Week Sommersemester 2014



Montag, 10.02.2014 bis Freitag, 14.02.2014


Introduction Week for International Students

Shortly after the official start of the semester, nearly 25 students from across the globe will take part in the Introduction Week ,whose main purpose is to make students familiar with country, culture, customs and campus.

Over the course of this week, running from the 10th to the 14th of February 2014, international newcomers are provided with information and support indispensable for a smooth start in their new environment. This regular event, whose attendance is compulsory, enables the International Office to welcome the University of Liechtenstein`s new full-degree students as well as the visiting students, who are primarily coming to Liechtenstein for one or two semesters as part of the Erasmus exchange program.

How to get started in the new environment

An extensive program has been put together for the Introduction Week. Apart from the opportunity to get in contact with other new arrivals, the participation allows the students to get to know to the International Office team from the very beginning of their time in Liechtenstein. On their exploratory tours through the country, they receive valuable information on institutions, traditions and culture within the principality.

Project work, German courses and International Dinner

Based on the material and data collected during the week, students together in groups are requested to use their creativity in order to construct and finally present a team project reflecting the past few days. We promote and convey the German language as a key qualification for education, employment and understanding. For this reason, the university offers German language courses at two different levels according to the skills of the participants. As one highlight of the Introduction Week can be considered the International Dinner on Thursday, the 13th. Students are asked to prepare a traditional dish from their respective countries. This program gives new arrivals the opportunity to experience various cultures in an informal setting.

Introduction Week
University of Liechtenstein, Vaduz
Monday, 10th of February, to Friday, 14th of February 2014

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