35th After-Work Lecture: Investigating the Icelandic Financial Crisis

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Jared Bibler


10.11.2016 17:30 - 19:00


Jared Bibler was the lead investigator into the multi-billion-dollar equity market abuse that helped create the conditions for the 2008 Icelandic financial crisis. Mr. Bibler headed a post-crisis Special Investigation Team at the FME, the Icelandic financial regulator. In addition to the largest market manipulation cases to be prosecuted, Mr. Bibler and his team conducted dozens of related investigations involving insider trading, derivatives (CDS) market manipulation, and money laundering. The Panama Papers revelations of 2016 involving Iceland's Prime Minister share a common DNA with the market manipulation of the previous decade.

Mr. Bibler will speak about the run-up to the crisis and the organized systems for share price manipulation that he and his fellow investigators discovered.

Mr. Bibler is a graduate of MIT, and in addition to his investigation work, he helped build the global back office for a Wall Street bank, managed assets on behalf of the Icelandic pension funds, and served as a forensic investigator in the Zürich market. Today he heads his own firm, Katla AG, and specializes in market abuse detection and prevention and related topics.


Professionals from Corporations, Banks, Asset and Investment Management Companies, Insurance Companies, Financial Advisory Services, Tax Administration, Lawyers, Trustees, Fund Managers and Financial Auditors. Graduate and undergraduate students with interest in investments and finance.


Dr. Lars Kaiser




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