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Crafting the façade: Reuse, Reactivate, Reinvent



Symposium: 05.05.2017, Fr
Auditorium, Universität Liechtenstein


The symposium aims to strengthen a tectonic approach towards the design of façade and to reposition and reassert the façade as a central element within the design process in the education of the architect. Design studios in three European Universities researched and developed façades constructed from three materials prevalent in local building tradition and culture - stone, brick and wood. Throughout the studio work, the façades were explored in hand drawings in scale 1:10 and with hands-on experiments and testing at 1:1.

The intention of the symposium is to share the results of these three encounters with a broader audience, to offer new points of view and experiences from invited speakers (Bernardo Bader, Hans van der Heijden, Neil Gillespie) and to broaden the debate around the façade enabled by journalists and writers. The symposium will be of interest to students and tutors of architecture, the wider architecture community as well as Erasmus+ programme participants.

This symposium is part of the ongoing Erasmus+ programme, funded by the European commission and the National Agency of Liechtenstein. Programme partners are the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow, the Academy van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam and the University of Liechtenstein.


Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Carmen Rist-Stadelmann


Free of charge. The symposium is supported by the EU/AIBA Liechtenstein.




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