48th After-Work Lecture: The Magic of 3D Printing - Technological Insights and Venture Capital

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Arno G. Held
Dr. Manuel Schaffner
Peter Tschuetscher


Wednesday, 10 November 2021
17:30 - 19:00, Lecture Hall 1
Covid-19 Protection Rules:
3G rules strictly apply. Face masks except in lecture hall.


Covid-19 Protection Rules
3G rules strictly apply. The access to this event is restricted to persons who can pre-sent a valid Covid-19 certificate. Please note, that on the campus there is a general obligation to wear a face mask in all indoor areas accessible to the public until you take your seat in the lecture hall.

Arno Held gives insights into the world of industrial 3D Printing. He shows how the technology works, what makes it so disruptive and how both industrial and consumer applications are addressing the world’s biggest challenges towards a sustainable future.
Furthermore, we will get deeper insights into the world of VC investing for the case of 3D printing as an investment case with great potential going forward. We will discuss an actual investment case, namely AM Ventures €100 million venture capital fund launched in 2021. The fund is dedicated exclusively to industrial 3D printing. The central focus of the fund is to strengthen the fundamentals and early growth stage of hardware, software, material and application start-ups in industrial 3D printing worldwide.

Main Speaker
Arno Held, co-founder and managing partner of AM Ventures. He specializes on the AM Ventures ecosystem, as well as the firm’s global footprint and organizational growth. Arno has been instrumental in building the AM Ventures team that has scouted more than 2.500 3D printing start-ups all over the world, conducted more than 30 rounds and built a portfolio of 15+ shareholdings in 6 countries on 3 conti-nents. In total, Arno has more than 23 years of experience in industrial laser and manufacturing technologies and spent more than half of this time in the world of industrial 3D printing.


Professionals from Corporations, Banks, Asset and Investment Management Companies, Insurance Companies, Financial Advisory Services, Tax Administration, Lawyers, Trustees, Fund Managers and Financial Auditors. Graduate and undergraduate students with interest in investments and finance.


Dr. Lars Kaiser


Free of charge. Advance registration and a valid Covid-19 certificate are required.




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