The Lean Startup Framework: Closing the Academic–Practitioner Divide

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Shepherd, D. A., & Gruber, M. (2021). The Lean Startup Framework: Closing the Academic–Practitioner Divide. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 45(5), 967-998. (FT_2016 50_2016: yes; VHB_3: A)


Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Fachzeitschrift


The lean startup framework is one of the most popular contributions in the practitioner-oriented entrepreneurship literature. This study seeks to generate new insights into how new ventures are started by describing the five main building blocks of the lean startup framework (business model, validated learning/customer development, minimum viable product, perseverance vs. pivoting, market-opportunity navigation), enriching the framework with existing research findings, and proposing promising research opportunities in a way that reduces the academic-practitioner divide. In so doing, we hope to enhance researchers’ understanding of the startup process; provide knowledge for educators; and, ultimately, improve the startup process for practitioners.



  • Institut für Entrepreneurship

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