Emotion Recognition through Keystroke Dynamics on Touchscreen Keyboards

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Trojahn, M., Arndt, F., Weinmann, M., & Ortmeier, F. (2013). Emotion Recognition through Keystroke Dynamics on Touchscreen Keyboards. Paper presented at the 15th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2013).


Beitrag in Konferenztagungsband


Automatic emotion recognition through computers offers a lot of advantages, as the interaction between human and computers can be improved. For example, it is possible to be responsive to anger or frustration of customers automatically while working with a webpage. Mouse cursor movements and keystroke dynamics were already used and examined for such a recognition on conventional keyboards. The aim of this work is to investigate keystroke dynamics on touchscreen keyboards which gets a cumulative relevance through the increasingly further circulation of smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, it is possible to record additional information like pressure and size of keystrokes. This could increase the recognition rate for emotions. In order to record the keystroke dynamics, an application and keyboard layout for Android OS were developed. In addition, hypotheses were established on the basis of Yerkes-Dodson-Law and Flow theory and besides, a study with 152 test persons for the data collection was implemented. Subsequently, a data evaluation with the SPSS software was accomplished. Most of the hypotheses were confirmed and the results of the study show that emotions can be explained by the keystroke dynamics and recognized in this way.



  • Hilti Lehrstuhl für Business Process Management