The Smart City as an opportunity for entrepreneurship

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Richter, C., Kraus, S., & Syrjä, P. (2015). The Smart City as an opportunity for entrepreneurship. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, 7(3), 211-226. (ABS_2021: 1; VHB_3: B)


Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Fachzeitschrift


The topic of Smart Cities as an approach for sustainable urban development with the application of ICT has become an intensely discussed field in the recent past. The notion of the term is inconsistent, and the label of a Smart City is misapplied by a growing number of cities. In this article, the authors define the decisive six characteristics of a Smart City by taking the relevant literature into account. They furthermore identify a research gap between the Smart City and entrepreneurship as one main characteristic of the concept. The focus on this topic is justified by a strong influence of the six characteristics of a Smart City on entrepreneurial activities. The further need for research on the interdependency of these two fields, as well as subareas (e.g., entrepreneurial marketing), concludes this paper.



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