New Schools of Thought - An investigation on tendencies in architectural education

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Kaps, V., & Martinez-Cañavate, C. (2017). New Schools of Thought - An investigation on tendencies in architectural education. , Lisbon, Portugal.


Beitrag auf wissenschaftlicher Konferenz


This paper elaborates on the first findings of the ongoing research project NeST (New Schools of Thought), which investigates reactions to academic homogenisation within European architectural education. NeST defines a New School of Thought as a set of ideas and new approaches on methods of knowledge creation and forms of knowledge transfer, which a group of people who are dedicated to architectural design and spatial planning share about architectural education. Schools are no longer the only privileged place for thinking. New sites of knowledge production and reflection have arisen, giving way to new types of schools of thought. Through a multiple case study situated at the level of secondary education, higher education, and public mediation, this paper analyses the inherent concepts of new schools of thought and reveals their alter-native routes as responses to tendencies in architectural education. This framework gives indications of poten-tial impacts on models of architectural education.


New Schools of Thought (NeST) - Architectural education in times of homogenisation
FFF-Förderprojekt, März 2015 bis Mai 2017 (abgeschlossen)

Das Forschungsprojekt NeST untersucht Tendenzen im Kontext der Europäischen Architekturausbildung. Es definiert eine neue Denkschule als eine Ansammlung von Ideen und Meinungen über neue Methoden zur ... mehr



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