MIDAS_CH: A dynamic microsimulation of the Swiss Pension System

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Kirn, T., & Dekkers, G. (2021). MIDAS_CH: A dynamic microsimulation of the Swiss Pension System. University of Liechtenstein.




MIDAS_CH is a dynamic microsimulation model with dynamic cross-sectional ageing. It is developed to simulate labour supply and pension income. Based on the cross-sectional dataset, the model simulates the life spans of the existing and newborn individuals, including interactions, such as marriage and divorce, family formation and resolution. A special focus is laid on labour market participation, as employment, but also interruptions and reductions in employment, significantly determine pension income. In doing so, MIDAS_CH covers unemployment benefits and thematic leaves, such as childcare and care leaves. In addition to labour income, social benefits are also modeled.



  • Center für Volkswirtschaftslehre