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The Business Drivers Behind ECM Initiatives: A Process Perspective


vom Brocke, J., Simons, A., Herbst, A., Derungs, R., & Novotny, S. (2011). The Business Drivers Behind ECM Initiatives: A Process Perspective. Business Process Management Journal, 17(6), 965-985. (ABDC: B; ABS: 2; VHB: C)


Artikel in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift


Purpose. The purpose of this article is to identify organizational challenges that drive enterprise content management (ECM) adoption from a process point of view. Design/methodology/approach. The presented results are grounded in both the academic literature on ECM and qualitative data from two case studies. Findings. The study identifies and discusses 21 contemporary business challenges that drive ECM adoption along the content lifecycle (e.g., regarding the creation, storage, and retrieval of content). Research limitations/implications. As the scopes of both the literature review and the case studies were limited, the presented account of ECM drivers is not considered exhaustive. The article can nevertheless help fellow researchers to further theorize about ECM adoption and investigate the role that content plays in business process management (BPM). Practical implications. Practitioners are provided with empirically grounded knowledge on the drivers behind ECM adoption. They can, for example, use the results to justify and evaluate ECM investments or determine the scopes and objectives of their ECM initiatives. Originality/value. This study is important because the understanding is still vague as to what organizations strive to gain through implementing ECM and what results they can expect from the same. This article is an extension and revision of a paper originally presented at the 19th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2011) in Helsinki, Finland.


Die Verbesserung von content-intensiven Geschäftsprozessen
Dissertation, März 2011 bis August 2014 (abgeschlossen)

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Managing enterprise content in business processes
Dissertation, Oktober 2008 bis Oktober 2011 (abgeschlossen)

The dissertation explores contemporary issues that arise during the implementation of ECM. The dissertation is paper-based (PhD by publication), and each paper addresses a selected set of ECM issues. ... mehr



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  • Hilti Lehrstuhl für Business Process Management

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