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Student Ambassadors – MSc Architecture

You have decided to pursue a Master in Architecture, but are still indecisive of where to go? Is Liechtenstein an option for you? Do you still have questions about the study programme, admission requirements, student life, living costs etc.? If the answer is yes, please contact one of our student ambassadors! They are happy to assist you in answering your questions by providing hands on information and by talking authentically about their own experiences.


Constantin Frommelt, Liechtenstein
works part-time

Take a bunch of diverse students, add some sophisticated professors, mix it with international hot topics, place them on a regional architectural base, position it in an extraordinary building at a beautiful place in the heart of the alps, top it with the magic ingredient – the unique spirit of University Liechtenstein – and you get my favourite place to study.
Email: constantin.frommelt@uni.li


Rodrigo Alba Krasovski, Mexico
works part-time

To study at the University of Liechtenstein means to be part of a community with a diverse intercultural exchange that allows learning from people from all over the world. I like the collaborative working spaces in small groups with excellent professors. At last, the great natural setting that surrounds the University complements the reasons to study here.

Email: rodrigo.alba@uni.li 

Ennio Enea Lardi , Switzerland/Italy
works part-time

Studying at the University of Liechtenstein means to me, bringing work, live and studies together in an international environment. The familiar and very personal interaction with each other improves the climate in the atelier. The location of the University makes it possible for me to live, study and work in three different countries nearby. Good friendships with international students open the possibility for contacts to the whole world.

Email: ennio.lardi@uni.li


 Tapiwa Mirarai Manase, Simbabwe

The best thing about being in Liechtenstein besides the postcard views and ever changing colour of the sunsets; besides the smiles from strangers, and amazing hikes is the university. #UniLi has a feeling of family and this feeling extends into the dormitory life. The school is cosy and small, the professors have time to get to know you and respect goes both ways. Also the diversity of cultures means a good chance to learn new things and have a platform to be a global citizen. It’s a great place to be professional and feel well cared for, then have a good chat over a free beer at the end of a hard working day after a guest lecture has taken place. 

Email: tapiwa.manase@uni.li

Débora Cristina Carvalho Rezende, Brazil

The University of Liechtenstein environment enables the work in small groups and the personal contact with a diverse range of cultures. While you are able to develop not only professionally but also personally.

Email: debora.carvalho@uni.li