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MSc Finance Student Ambassadors

You have decided to pursue a Master in Finance, but are still indecisive of where to go? Is Liechtenstein an option for you? Do you still have questions about the study programme, admission requirements, student life, living costs etc.?
If the answer is yes, please contact one of our regional ambassadors! They are happy to assist you in answering your questions by providing hands on information and by talking authentically about their own experiences.

 MSc-Finance_Student-Ambassadors_Daniel-Hauser.jpgDaniel Hauser – Switzerland/The Netherlands 

"The University of Liechtenstein has a unique setting of offers for students interested in finance. While enhancing your academic research capabilities, you get to know interesting personalities in the finance sector within an international group of students.

Email: daniel.hauser@uni.li  

MSc-Finance_Student-Ambassadors_Jérôme Mäser.jpg

Jérôme Mäser – Austria

The stimulating working environment in small courses, the possibility to combine study and work/CFA and the opportunity to access a broad alumni network convinced me to finish my Master's degree at the University of Liechtenstein.

Email: jerome.maeser@uni.li 


Laurits Louis Kjaergaard – Denmark 

Studying in Liechtenstein says something about you as a person: you are ambitious, independent, talented, risk-taking and like to make up your own mind about issues rather being told what to do. These are the people you will study with, which is why you'll love this place.

Email: laurits.kjaergaard@uni.li

 Ming Xin Qi – People’s Republic of China

The master program in Finance at the University of Liechtenstein fits perfectly to my interests and career plan. The European culture it represents is very exciting and I had the chance to meet new and interesting people.

Email: ming.qi@uni.li 

 MSc-Finance_Student-Ambassadors_Philippe-Heise.jpgPhilippe Heise – Germany 

What makes the University of Liechtenstein special is that you feel welcome from the very first moment, that you learn from the best practitioners in Liechtenstein and Switzerland and the open teaching styles with small classes. Join us, if you would like to study in a very personal environment.

Email: philippe.heise@uni.li 

 MSc-Finance_Student-Ambassadors_Roberto-Pedrotti.jpgRoberto Pedrotti – Italy 

Studying at the University of Liechtenstein has been a unique opportunity to get out of my comfort zone in order to receive top-notch education in finance, while being able to make a personal impact on the program instead of being ‘one among many’.

Email: roberto.pedrotti@uni.li