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Student Ambassadors – MSc Finance

You have decided to pursue a Master in Finance, but are still indecisive of where to go? Is Liechtenstein an option for you? Do you still have questions about the study programme, student life, living costs etc.? If the answer is yes, please contact one of our student ambassadors! They are happy to assist you in answering your questions by providing hands on information and by talking authentically about their own experiences.


Adrian Spiegel, Germany
“Choosing the University of Liechtenstein, to me, means chance and commitment. The chance of an affordable, high-level, faceted financial curriculum that is guided by experienced practitioners. And the commitment to be part of the discussion on the best future course for an open-minded, highly personal, and professional programme that preps you for life.”

Email: adrian.spiegel@uni.li

Jan Welters, Germany
“Studying at the University of Liechtenstein is unique. The groups are small, the exchange with the professors is close and the combination of theory with practice is outstanding. This convinced from the very first moment.”

Email: jan.welters@uni.li

Matthias Herrmann-Meng, Austria
“The University of Liechtenstein offers a very personal learning environment within an international group of students and enabled me to get in touch with academic researchers as well as practitioners in the regional financial hub. In addition, the CFA-oriented curriculum helped me to pass the CFA Level I exam in June 2017.”

Email: matthias.herrmann@uni.li


Christian Schemeth, Austria
“The University of Liechtenstein offers unique opportunities for both your academic education and your personal development outside your studies. Studying in the MSc in Finance programme will enhance your academic capabilities, help you to establish a network in the financial services industry, and increase your intercultural competence due to the highly international group of students.”

Email: christian.schemeth@uni.li


Dominik Horngacher, Austria
“No matter if you want to work for a fintech or Goldman Sachs, no matter if you want to work in Zurich, New York or Singapore, the University of Liechtenstein enables you to pursue the career of your dreams. The CVs of our alumni speak for themselves and show an impressive track-record of successful and international career paths. By joining the University of Liechtenstein you can be part of same extensive and strong network.”

Email: dominik.horngacher@uni.li


Manuel Schneider, Germany
“The Master of Science in Finance program at the University of Liechtenstein provides a unique opportunity to study in a challenging and stimulating environment in the heart of Europe. The combination of profound academic knowledge and practice related courses will support your professional career especially in Liechtenstein and Switzerland.”

Email: manuel.schneider@uni.li