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Career & Alumni

Our graduates have excellent career opportunities, with an employability that lies at 100%. Many of our graduates work at international IT and management consultancies or in leading industry and service companies.

Typical tasks of information systems professionals include developing digital strategies, managing digital transformation projects, designing and implementing enterprise architectures, analysing and modelling existing business processes, managing process improvement projects, managing process change, analysing requirements for information systems, managing IT development projects, and coaching and training of employees.

Exemplary positions for graduates in IS with majors in business process management or data science are:

  • Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Data Scientist
  • IT project manager
  • IT architect
  • BPM project manager
  • Business process owner
  • Manager in logistics and supply chain management
  • Entrepreneur
Information systems professionals with backgrounds in business process management and data science are in high demand. See current job openings at monster.com:


It pays out to pursue a career in information systems and business process management – here is a selection of recent salary surveys: