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Work & Study

Gaining practical experience while attending our programme can be a valuable experience – and give you a head start into your future career.

By extending the duration of your studies you may work part-time while you study: Based on the modular structure of our program you can flexibly design your own schedule. In the seminars there is compulsory attendance due to the fact that the main content is developed in small groups of students. However, all lecturers are very flexible and try to support you in combining study and work. Please contact Dr. Nadine Székely in case of further questions related to this issue.

Further opportunities to develop your personal skill set while studying at our university:

Student Fellowship
The Hilti Chair of Business Process Management offers highly motivated full-time degree students the opportunity to get involved in the department's project and research activities alongside their studies. Full-time students are employed as student or research assistants in parallel to attending the master’s programme.
Hilti Fellowship
This Hilti-sponsored fellowship offers committed master students the opportunity to be part of an international project team for a semester, and take one or more courses in the Master’s programme in Information Systems.