4108639: FU_China and the West – past and present

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Semester:SS 16
Lektionen / Semester:30.0 L / 22.5 h
Selbststudium:67.5 h



Bachelorstudiengang Betriebswirtschaftslehre (01.09.2012)
Masterstudium Architektur (01.09.2014)
Bachelorstudium Architektur (01.09.2014)
Masterstudium Information Systems (01.09.2015)
Masterstudium Finance (01.09.2015)
Masterstudium Entrepreneurship (01.09.2015)


  • The course will give you a broad understanding of the Chinese civilization and its relations to the people of the western hemisphere during the last two thousand years.
  • Learn about Chinese history, civilization , religions, economy and politics.
  • Get to understand the differences in thinking, behavior and action of the Chinese in contrast to the people in the West.
  • Learn about the economic relations between China and the West along the continental and maritime silk roads. The global East-West - trade is more than 2000 years old.


  • The participants will understand the major differences in thinking, behavior and action between Chinese and Western people.
  • Will have sophisticated instruments of communication with Chinese. Intercultural misunderstandings are the major obstacle for multinational companies.
  • Understand the complex economic and cultural relations between China, India, the Islamic states in the Near East and the countries in Europe.
  • Will be able to understand the Chinese way of decision making.



  • Lectures, self-study and presentations

Voraussetzungen (inhaltlich)

  • Conversational level of English


Spence, Jonathan D.: the search for modern China, N.Y. 1990
Hofstede, Geert: culture's consequences, N.Y. 2001 (2nd edition)
Hernig, Marcus: Chinas Bauch. Warum der Westen weniger denken muss um den Osten besser zu verstehen, Hamburg: Edition Körber 2015
Englert, Siegfried: Quanzhou. Versuch einer Annäherung, Annweiler: Plöger Medien 2012.

Gunn, Geoffrey C.: History without borders. The makingof an Asian world region 1000 - 1800, Hongkong Uni Press 2011
Bernstein, William: A splendid exchange. How trade shaped the world, London 2008
Wood, Frances: The silk road. Two thousand years in the heart of Asia, Berkeley Uni of Cal. 2002

The rest will be supplied during the first course


Assessment tasks:
Part A: an essay of 25 pages Din A 4 on one of the topics (80%)
Part B: power point presentation of the essay (20%)

Compulsory attendance (min. 80%)


Passed / Failed

  • Course based on continuous assessment, details see under "assessment".
  • Meeting attendance obligations is an essential pre-requisite for successfully completing a course based on continuous assessment. The presence at the day of presentations is absolutely obligatory
  • Attendance must be proven for at least 80% of the stipulated contact time. Responsibility for checking and providing written proof of this obligatory attendance lies with the course lecturer who is required to store this information at least until the end of the semester.
  • In the case of absenteeism that exceeds the specified limits of absence, a medical certificate is required. Responsibility lies with the head of the Coordination Office for Cross-Faculty Elective Subjects to approve the reason for the student's failure to attend.
  • Participation in other activities of the university are not recognized as an excused absence.


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  • P-FU_China and the West – past and present (SS 16, in Bewertung)