4108636: FU_Interdisciplinary lecture series: future challenges

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Semester:SS 16
Lektionen / Semester:26.0 L / 19.5 h
Selbststudium:70.5 h



Bachelorstudiengang Betriebswirtschaftslehre (01.09.2012)
Masterstudium Architektur (01.09.2014)
Bachelorstudium Architektur (01.09.2014)
Fakultätsübergreifende Wahlfächer (01.09.2014)
Masterstudium Information Systems (01.09.2015)
Masterstudium Finance (01.09.2015)
Masterstudium Entrepreneurship (01.09.2015)


This lecture series focusses on various aspects of the future challenges. Professors of the different chairs of the University of Liechtenstein addresses important issues about the future from their point of view and discipline. Topics to be dealt with in this lectures include: How is the shape of our future society and its built environment? What kind of technological and economical challenges are to tackle? Which values are getting important, which values are getting negligible? How can we negotiate successfully in the foreseeable future? Etc.
Questions about contemporary and future challenges are subjects of most of the chairs at the university of Liechtenstein. This lecture series is a great opportunity to learn about the actual positions and approaches at our institution. Professors present their different points of view, a bunch of critical studies, key concepts and practical solution approaches. It is also possible to debate the at the end of every lecture and to ask questions.

Schedule of lectures, 18:30 - 20:00
24.02.2016 Prof. Peter Staub "The Bigger Picture" (Introduction to the series)
02.03.2016 Prof. Christian Marxt "Technology of the future - future of the technology"
09.03.2016 Prof. Michael Hanke "The Future of Liechtenstein's Pension System"
23.03.2016 Prof. Marco Menichetti "Socially Responsible Investments - Do they have a Future?"
06.04.2016 Prof. Urs Meister "Sufficiency in Building - how do we live in the future?"
13.04.2016 Prof. Martin Wenz ""The Future of the Liechtenstein Tax System""
20.04.2016 Prof. Stefan Güldenberg "The Future of Knowledge Work - Opportunities and Challenges"
27.04.2016 Hugo Dworzak, Institutsleiter Architektur "what is the value of architecture"
11.05.2016 Prof. Peter Droege "Regenerative cities and intelligent environments: sustainable infrastructure as asset class"


Participants will be able to:

  • Familiarize with different approaches and theories in architecture and economics about the future challenges
  • Gain a broad impression of the actual debates at the different chairs of our university
  • Identify the connections between different theoretical reflections and practical applications of different disciplines and chairs
  • Understand the mechanism of future challenges and specific subject-related dynamics



Lectures, written examination


Written examination (100%)

  • Written examination (90 minutes, closed books exam), questions and short answers regarding every lecture/subject and the additional lecture.
  • The examination date of this irregular lecture series: 08.06.2016 (sign in till 3.6.2016).
There will be one repeat testing date in winter semester 16/17.

Sign in for the lecture series and the examination, separately.


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24.02.201618:30 - 20:00H1
02.03.201618:30 - 20:00H1
09.03.201618:30 - 20:00H1
23.03.201618:30 - 20:00H1
06.04.201618:30 - 20:00H1
13.04.201618:30 - 20:00H1
20.04.201618:30 - 20:00H1
27.04.201618:30 - 20:00H1
11.05.201618:30 - 20:00H1


  • P-FU_Interdisciplinary lecture series: future challenges (SS 16, bewertet)
  • P-FU_Interdisciplinary lecture series: future challenges (WS 16/17, bewertet)