4707796: FU_Diversity and Intersectionality

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Semester:SS 19
Lektionen / Semester:28.0 L / 21.0 h
Selbststudium:69.0 h



Bachelorstudiengang Betriebswirtschaftslehre (01.09.2012)
Masterstudium Architektur (01.09.2014)
Bachelorstudium Architektur (01.09.2014)
Masterstudium Information Systems (01.09.2015)
Masterstudium Finance (01.09.2015)
Masterstudium Entrepreneurship (01.09.2015)


  • Concepts, theories and models of diversity
  • Managing Diversity
  • Theoretical, political and legal concepts of intersectionality
  • Interlocking types of discrimination
  • Methods to develop diversity+ competencies
  • Equality and the right to be different


Participants are able …

  • to explain the basic concepts, theories and models of diversity
  • to explain the basic theoretical, political and legal concepts of intersectionality
  • to apply Diversity Management tools
  • to analyse situations of interlocking discrimination
  • to develop their own set of diversity+ competences
  • to do presentations in English

Understanding the dynamics of difference, promoting equal opportunity and valuing diversity are highly esteemed skills in the diversified and globalized labour market.



Lectures and workshops

Voraussetzungen (inhaltlich)

Recommended: Conversation level of English


Required reading for the first meeting

Thomas, D.A., Ely, R.J. (1996), "Making differences matter: a new paradigm for managing diversity", Harvard Business Review, Vol. 74 No.5, pp.79-90.

Other reading material will be provided on moodle.


Assessment tasks:
Part A: 50 % developing a case study (group work)
Part B: 50 % individual work presentation

Compulsory attendance (min. 80%)

  • Course based on continuous assessment, details see under "assessment".
  • Meeting attendance obligations is an essential pre-requisite for successfully completing a course based on continuous assessment.
  • Attendance must be proven for at least 80% of the stipulated contact time. Responsibility for checking and providing written proof of this obligatory attendance lies with the course lecturer who is required to store this information at least until the end of the semester.
  • In the case of absenteeism that exceeds the specified limits of absence, a medical certificate is required. Responsibility lies with the head of the Coordination Office for Cross-Faculty Elective Subjects to approve the reason for the student's failure to attend.
  • Participation in other activities of the university are not recognized as an excused absence.


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  • P-FU_Diversity and Intersectionality (SS 19, in Planung)