4408718: FU_Know yourself - be successful

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Semester:WS 17/18
Lektionen / Semester:30.0 L / 22.5 h
Selbststudium:67.5 h



Bachelorstudiengang Betriebswirtschaftslehre (01.09.2012)
Masterstudium Architektur (01.09.2014)
Bachelorstudium Architektur (01.09.2014)
Masterstudium Information Systems (01.09.2015)
Masterstudium Finance (01.09.2015)
Masterstudium Entrepreneurship (01.09.2015)


Life shows that on the long-run personality often makes the difference to be successful both in business and your private life. That's why having a better understanding about yourself and managing your personal resources is crucial. In this module we focus on the three elements Mindset, Brain and Body and enable you with knowledge and self-experience to high perform on the long run.

The Liechtenstein Academy Foundation elaborated a unique offer together with three external lecturers that cover the following main topics:
1) Purpose & Mindset: Why is purpose and mindset so crucial for success in professional and personal life?
2) Brain: Do you know how your brain actually works and how you can positively influence your brain performance?
3) Body Resources: Are aware of the power that lays within a conscious management of your body resources?


1) Purpose & Mindset:
Create awareness of the impact of purpose and mindset for your life. Main topics: Positive Psychology, Resilience, Mindfulness. Sybille Mäder, coach and leadership specialist with huge business experience in the international financial industry.
2) Brain:
Create awareness of how we can enhance our brain performance. Learn about important techniques and limiting factors. Andreas Pisch a very experienced trainer gives both theoretical input on how our brain works and is able to underline it with good practices and helpful techniques for further enhancement of your brain performance.
3) Body Resources:
Experience and understand the power of your body resources and the importance of a balanced profile between tension and recovery. Learn about your individual stress profile (you will get a 72 hours heart rate variability profile) and find out how you can positively influence your well-being. Ole Petersen, CEO of the Swiss-based Fit im Job AG, successful athlete and trainer combines knowledge and experience in dealing with body resources both from both, a sportsman's view as well as from a business related view.



  • Presence based (methodological mix of input, reflection, group works,…)
  • Experience-oriented self-learning (e.g. readings, heart rate variability measurement + diary,…)

Voraussetzungen (inhaltlich)

Openness to learn, willingness to self-reflect, readiness to participate in the 72 hours heart-rate-variability test


  • Syllabus (details on the readings will be provided prior to each module)
  • Please note that the third module comprises a compulsory heart rate variability measurement (72hours). This is a very powerful tool that helps you to analyze your stress factors individually.


Assessment tasks:
Module 1: (20%) - Attendance & active participation
Module 2: (20%) - Attendance & active participation
Module 3: (20%) - Attendance & active participation

Self-study: (40%) - includes readings, 72 hours HRV-test, individual learning journal

Compulsory attendance (min. 80%)


Passed / Failed

  • Course based on continuous assessment, details see under "assessment".
  • Meeting attendance obligations and active participation are an essential pre-requisite for successfully completing a course based on continuous assessment.
  • Attendance must be proven for at least 80% of the stipulated contact time. Responsibility for checking and providing written proof of this obligatory attendance lies with the course lecturer who is required to store this information at least until the end of the semester.
  • In the case of absenteeism that exceeds the specified limits of absence, a medical certificate is required. Responsibility lies with the head of the Coordination Office for Cross-Faculty Elective Subjects to approve the reason for the student's failure to attend.
  • Participation in other activities of the university are not recognized as an excused absence.


Liechtenstein Academy Foundation (Georg Winder) + external Lecturers (Sibylle Mäder, Andreas Pisch, Ole Petersen)

Fakultätsübergreifendes Wahlfach:
Es gelten spezielle Anmeldemodalitäten.


  • P-FU_Know yourself - be successful (WS 17/18, in Planung)