5306658: C12_Information Management - Übung

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Semester:SS 22
Lektionen / Semester:30.0 L / 22.5 h
Selbststudium:37.5 h



Bachelorstudiengang Betriebswirtschaftslehre (01.09.2012)


Introduction (e.g., Data, Information and Knowledge; Tasks of Information Management); Information Economics; Managing Information Demands (e.g., Information Requirements Analysis; Information Overload) Managing Information Supply (e.g. Information Quality; Meta-Data Management); Information Management Systems (e.g., Databases, Data Warehousing); Data Mining (e.g. machine learning basics, recommender systems, text mining) Managing Information and Communication Technology (e.g., Predicting ICT Trends and Developments, Cloud Computing); Information Management Case Studies


    • compare and contrast information management methods and tools
    • compare and contrast components and functions of information management systems (e.g., databases; data warehouses)
    • apply information management methods, tools and systems to solve simple tasks
    • develop comprehensive plans to solve information management problems
    • evaluate information management methods, tools and systems
    • actively listen to lectures and fellow students
    • collaborate in order to solve complex problems
    • justify their solution approaches and results
    • develop strategies to solve team conflicts
    • support fellow students during exercises
    • learn in study groups
    • repeat the contents of exercises in a self-organized way
    • assess their own learning progress during exercises
    • identify their own strengths and weaknesses
    • tolerate different opinions and working styles


  • Interactive exercise
  • Solving exercises individually
  • Presentation and discussion of solutions


  • Exercises will be distributed during class


  • 3 short examinations