4809645: C19 Management Information Systems

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Semester:WS 19/20
Lektionen / Semester:60.0 L / 45.0 h
Selbststudium:135.0 h



Masterstudium Wirtschaftsinformatik (01.09.2019)


Management Information Systems focuses on large-scale application software packages that support end-to-end processes, information and document flow, reporting, and data analytics in organizational settings. The course covers eight primary topics:

  • Enterprise applications
  • E-business
  • Managing knowledge
  • Enhancing decision-making
  • Building management information systems (MIS)
  • Managing projects and global systems
  • MIS-related integration, transformation, innovation, and change
  • Case studies on current MIS topics


After successful completion of the course, students will:

  • understand the fundamental concepts and definitions in the area of enterprise systems and know application systems like ERP, CRM, and SCM systems
  • understand the role of management information systems in achieving sustainable competitive advantage and integrating processes along the value chain
  • be able to assess the applicability of software solutions in various business scenarios using comprehensive evaluation schemes
  • be able to identify the business problems that typically emerge in enterprise systems design and use



  • The course involves interactive lectures with exercises to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical design and analysis skills.
  • The e-learning platform Moodle is used throughout the course to disseminate course material and for information and discussion.
  • Case studies are used to discuss the course contents and to train students in using the methods covered.

Voraussetzungen (inhaltlich)

Students are expected to have a basic background in enterprise systems and information systems.


Compulsory reading:

  • Papers and case-study material are provided.