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<title>Universitt Liechtenstein / FU_Service Learning - Social Engagement II<br/> (WS 21/22)</title>
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                  <td valign="top"><h2 style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">FU_Service Learning - Social Engagement II<br/><!----></h2></td>
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		       <!----><h2>Module</h2><!----><A HREF="../00022200/06414867.htm">FU_Service Learning - Social Engagement II 11094 1 WS 21/22, Modul/LV/Pr&uuml;fung</A><br/><!---->

        <p><!----><!----><!----><!----><!---->Hojas, Gabriele<br><!----><!----><!----><!----><!---->Beck, Manuel<br><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----></p><!---->
        <p><!----><!----><!---->Banzer, Roman<br><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----></p><!---->
        <p><!---->BSc AR 14<br><!---->BSc AR 19<br><!---->BSc BWL 12<br><!---->BSc BWL 21<br><!---->FAWA 14<br><!---->MSc AR 14<br><!---->MSc AR 19<br><!---->MSc EM 18<br><!---->MSc EM 20<br><!---->MSc EN 15<br><!---->MSc FI 15<br><!---->MSc FI 20<br><!---->MSc IS 15<br><!---->MSc WI 19<br></p><!---->
        <p>The students:<br/><ul style='margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:0px'><li>Coordinate projects with the aim of strengthening social responsibility</li><li>Develop an understanding for the common good</li><li>Putting one's own learning in context with social learning through community involvement</li><li>Design projects within the framework of the promotion of practice- and occupation-integrating teaching</li><li>Develop an idea sketch and a plan of action and measures</li><li>Take responsibility in their projects</li><li>Learn from each other</li><li>Apply their skills and knowledge in authentic problem contexts</li></ul><br/>Learning outcomes:<br/>Quality Standards Service Learning<br/><ul style='margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:0px'><li>Meaningful Service: Meaningful engagement means that the participants in service learning projects are involved in meaningful and personally relevant engagement activities.</li><li>Social commitment takes place on the basis of a change of perspective with regard to self-defined criteria that are subordinate to the understanding of social action.</li><li>Link to Curriculum: Service learning is deliberately used as a didactic method to achieve general learning and/or content standards.</li><li>Reflection: Service learning includes diverse and challenging reflection exercises, which are applied again and again throughout the process and stimulate reflection on oneself and one's own relationship to society. </li><li>Relativity means the identification and reflection of existing social circumstances and values on the basis of which students weigh up, build and carry out their social project.</li><li>Diversity: Service learning promotes the understanding of diversity and respect among those involved.</li><li>Youth Voice: In service learning projects, students are responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of the projects. Lecturers and cooperation partners act as coaches.</li><li>Partnerships: Partnerships in service learning are designed cooperatively, profitably for all sides and oriented towards the well-being of the community.</li><li>Progress Monitoring: All those involved in a service learning project are constantly engaged in evaluating the process quality and achievement of objectives, and the results are incorporated into the improvement and sustainability of the service learning project.</li><li>Duration and Intensity: The amount of time and the quality of the commitment allow to really meet the needs of the community and to achieve the set goals.</li></ul></p><!---->
        <p>Service-Learning - learning through commitment - is a form of teaching and learning that combines social commitment of students with subject-specific learning. Service learning projects can be realized at all levels - from kindergarten to university. Students are given the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge in authentic problem contexts.<br/></p><!---->
        <p>Project seminar, regular meetings on Mondays with the entire group at the university, teamcoachings online by appointment, closing event</p><!---->
        <p>No previous knowledge necessary</p><!---->
        <p>Reinders, H. (2016). Service Learning - theoretische &Uuml;berlegungen und empirische Studien zu Lernen durch Engagement (1. Aufl.). Beltz Juventa.                                                                                                            <br/><br/>Rosenkranz, D., Roderus, S. & Oberbeck, N. (2020). Service Learning an Hochschulen: Konzeptionelle &Uuml;berlegungen und innovative Beispiele (1. Auflage). Beltz Juventa.<br/></p><!---->
        <p>Grading<br/>Assessment of performance<br/><ul style='margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:0px'><li>Project plan and report</li><li>Engagement </li><li>Teamwork </li><li>Reflection paper (learning process)</li></ul><br/>Workload: 90 working hours (have to be documented in the project report)<br/><br/>Compulsory attendance: 80%, but mandatory<br/><br/>Teamcoachings online by appointment<br/></p><!---->
 <!----><h2>Termine</h2><!---->H3	Mi	17.30-20.00	15.09.2021		<br/><!---->Virtueller Raum	Mi	17.30-19.00	13.10.2021		<br/><!---->Virtueller Raum	Mi	17.30-19.00	10.11.2021		<br/><!---->H3	Mi	17.30-20.00	15.12.2021		<br/><!---->

        <!----><!----></i3v_block><!----><!----><p><!---->&nbsp;<br><!---->Teamcoachings online by appointment</p><!---->

        <p>Fakult&auml;ts&uuml;bergreifendes Wahlfach:<br/>Es gelten spezielle <a href="https://my.uni.li/electives">Anmeldemodalit&auml;ten</a>.</p><!---->
       <p><small>&nbsp;<br>06.09.2021 10:19:00"&nbsp;&Auml;nderungen vorbehalten</small></p>

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