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<title>Universitt Liechtenstein / FU_Communication and Presentation Skills Training (WS 21/22)</title>
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                  <td valign="top"><h2 style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">FU_Communication and Presentation Skills Training<!----></h2></td>
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		       <!----><h2>Module</h2><!----><A HREF="../00022200/06415967.htm">FU_Communication and Presentation Skills Training 8379 1 WS 21/22, Modul/LV/Pr&uuml;fung</A><br/><!---->

        <p><!----><!----><!----><!----><!---->Schinko-Fischli, Susanne<br><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----></p><!---->
        <p><!----><!----><!---->Banzer, Roman<br><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----></p><!---->
        <p><!---->BSc AR 14<br><!---->BSc AR 19<br><!---->BSc BWL 12<br><!---->BSc BWL 21<br><!---->FAWA 14<br><!---->MSc AR 14<br><!---->MSc AR 19<br><!---->MSc EM 18<br><!---->MSc EM 20<br><!---->MSc EN 15<br><!---->MSc FI 15<br><!---->MSc FI 20<br><!---->MSc IS 15<br><!---->MSc WI 19<br></p><!---->
        <p>The participants <br/><ul style='margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:0px'><li>professionalize their appearance and learn how to present their ideas using authentic voice, language and body language</li><li>learn how to speak with presence and charisma</li><li>get to know the basic principles of presentation techniques</li><li>learn how to create inspiring stories using incidents from their lives - bringing personality and life into public speaking</li><li>improve their ability to plan a public speech tailored to their audience</li><li>develop strategies on dealing with difficult participants</li><li>get to know the "yes and" principle as the key to successful communication, teamwork and innovation</li><li>enhance their spontaneity, creativity and ability to deal with unknown situation</li></ul></p><!---->
        <p>Of paramount importance for every presentation is the personality of the presenter, which can create an atmosphere of trust and real interest. In this elective course, students will learn how to enter a room with presence and charisma and make a convincing first impression. In addition, body language plays a very important part and, very often, is used only unconsciously. With the help of feedback, students will improve their presentation skills, learn how to structure their presentations and use media.<br/>Another important theme we will explore is personal "Status". Usually, "Status" is connected with a certain position or power, which someone enjoys in an organization or in society. However, in everyday life, we constantly play with our personal Status, which is somewhat independent from our professional Status. Everyone prefers a certain Status behavior. To raise your own Status yields more authority and assertiveness. To lower your own Status, thereby increasing the Status of someone else, conveys empathy and sympathy. Both raising and lowering your own Status are important and useful in different situations. Students will learn their preferred status and how to change it, if necessary.<br/>In this course, students will improve their presentation skills, working with the methods of improvisational theater to also enhance their spontaneity, creativity and ability to deal with unknown situations.</p><!---->
        <p>Converational level of English</p><!---->
        <p>will be announced in class</p><!---->
        <p>Grading <br/><br/><ul style='margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:0px'><li>Course based on continuous assessment.</li><li>Meeting attendance obligations and active participation are an essential pre-requisite for successfully completing a course based on continuous assessment. </li><li>Attendance must be proven for at least 80% of the stipulated contact time. </li><li>In the case of absenteeism that exceeds the specified limits of absence, a medical certificate is required. </li><li>Participation in other activities of the university are not recognized as an excused absence.</li></ul></p><!---->
 <!----><h2>Termine</h2><!---->H3	Di	09.00-17.00	07.09.2021		<br/><!---->H3	Do	09.00-17.00	09.09.2021		<br/><!---->H3	Fr	09.00-17.00	10.09.2021		<br/><!---->H3	Sa	09.00-17.00	02.10.2021		<br/><!---->


        <p>Fakult&auml;ts&uuml;bergreifendes Wahlfach:<br/>Es gelten spezielle <a href="https://my.uni.li/electives">Anmeldemodalit&auml;ten</a>.</p><!---->
       <p><small>&nbsp;<br>06.09.2021 10:19:00"&nbsp;&Auml;nderungen vorbehalten</small></p>

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