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<title>Universitt Liechtenstein / FU_Is democracy really in crisis? (WS 21/22)</title>
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		       <!----><h2>Module</h2><!----><A HREF="../00022200/06267667.htm">FU_Is democracy really in crisis? 10921 1 SS 21, Modul/LV/Pr&uuml;fung</A><br/><!----><A HREF="../00022200/06414067.htm">FU_Is democracy really in crisis? 10921 1 WS 21/22, Modul/LV/Pr&uuml;fung</A><br/><!---->

        <p><!----><!----><!----><!----><!---->Gueye, Cheikh Mbacke<br><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----></p><!---->
        <p><!----><!----><!---->Banzer, Roman<br><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----><!----></p><!---->
        <p><!---->BSc AR 14<br><!---->BSc AR 19<br><!---->BSc BWL 12<br><!---->BSc BWL 21<br><!---->FAWA 14<br><!---->MSc AR 14<br><!---->MSc AR 19<br><!---->MSc EM 18<br><!---->MSc EM 20<br><!---->MSc EN 15<br><!---->MSc FI 15<br><!---->MSc FI 20<br><!---->MSc IS 15<br><!---->MSc WI 19<br></p><!---->
        <p>Participants will be able to:<br/><ul style='margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:0px'><li>Familiarize with the philosophical theories on democracy.</li><li>Relate the theoretical standpoints to practical issues.</li><li>Understand the questions raised by these issues of concrete life-situations.</li><li>Develop critical thinking and sense of good argumentation.</li><li>Formulate personal positions and arguments supporting it.</li></ul></p><!---->
        <p>Considered by many people as the best and most successful political system, democracy, particularly in the last decade, has been the object of fierce criticisms. The question whether democracy is in crisis is in fact constantly being raised by philosophers, political scientists and normal citizens alike. <br/>Thus, this seminar aims at raising fundamental questions about democracy and its claimed crisis:<br/><br/>-	Foundation and justification of democracy:  On which principles, values and assumptions does democracy rest? <br/>-	Demands of democracy: What does democracy require as a political system? Which formal rules and framework? Which skills and behaviour from citizens? What does democratic citizenship mean? How should an education to democracy look like and what would it require?<br/>-	Limits and criticisms of democracy: How to understand the contextual and principled criticisms against democracy? How does democracy respond to those criticisms? Is populism a symptom or a cause of a crisis of democracy?<br/>-	Alternatives to democracy: Is there a way beyond democracy? Or does democracy need to be reformed?</p><!---->
        <p>Presentations, reading assignments, discussions and a written examination.</p><!---->
        <p>No prior knowledge required. But participants should have a genuine interest in the topic of democracy.</p><!---->
        <p>Frank Cunningham, Theories of Democracies. A Critical Introduction (New York: Routledge, 2001).<br/>Daniele Archibugi, David Held, Martin K&ouml;hler, eds., Re-imagining Political Community (Cambridge: Polity Press, 1998).<br/>Michael Huemer, The Problem of Political Authority. An Examination of the Right to Coerce and the Duty to Obey (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.)<br/>Julian Nida-R&uuml;melin, Die Gef&auml;hrdete Rationalit&auml;t der Demokratie (Hamburg: Edition K&ouml;rber, 2020).<br/>Roger de Weck, Die Kraft der Demokratie. Eine Antwort auf die autorit&auml;ren Reaktion&auml;re (Berlin: Suhrkamp, 2020).</p><!---->
        <p>Participation in class<br/>Reading assignments<br/>Presentations<br/>Written examination<br/>Compulsory attendance (min. 80%)</p><!---->
 <!----><h2>Termine</h2><!---->H4	Sa	08.30-14.00	25.09.2021		<br/><!---->H4	Sa	08.30-14.00	02.10.2021		<br/><!---->H4	Sa	08.30-14.00	23.10.2021		<br/><!---->H4	Sa	08.30-14.00	30.10.2021		<br/><!---->H4	Sa	08.30-14.00	06.11.2021		<br/><!---->


       <p><small>&nbsp;<br>06.09.2021 10:19:00"&nbsp;&Auml;nderungen vorbehalten</small></p>

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