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4805145: Doctoral Consortium in Architecture and Planning

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Semester:WS 19/20
Scheduled in semester:3
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:20.0 L / 15.0 h
Self-directed study time:135.0 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Doctoral degree programme in Architecture and Planning (01.09.2010)


The doctoral consortium is an opportunity to sharpen and deepen both focus and methods of research, supervised by a group of external professors and/or advisors. It is designed to foster the presentational, critical and discursive skills in a group of international peers. By submitting their work-in-progress and interim results to an international doctoral consortium candidates also learn how to position their work in a competitive research environment.
Applications are refereed through an academic committee. Participants benefit from understanding others' experiences and results and receive valuable feedback from consortium chairs and other participants. A joint publication is to result from a consortium. A doctoral consortium will take the form of a multi-institution and often international seminar, workshop or summer school - an example can be found on www.dokonara.org, the consortium on sustainable spatial development our University participates in each year.

Lecture Goals

The primary objective of the doctoral consortium is for the candidates' doctoral research to be presented, argued and advanced in an international and scientific setting.

Learning Outcomes

Successful participation will strengthen research content, method and students' ability to engage in focused, critical discourse.


Lectures Method

Students will be assisted by lecturers of the Institute of Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein in preparing their proposal and application for their doctoral consortium participation. Insights acquired will be discussed and reinforced by your doctoral supervisor and other advisors at the University of Liechtenstein.

Exam Modalities

The students will be assessed in this module through:

  • competitive selection process of the doctoral consortium
  • research paper submitted to the doctoral consortium
  • assessment by the Professors reviewing proposals at the doctoral consortium


Module availability:
In coordination with supervisor: upon application at an international doctoral consortium, e. g. international doctoral research workshops, seminars or symposia on architectural design theory; low-carbon building technology and building integrated sustainability systems; or sustainable spatial development, urban and regional planning and design, or an approved related field.