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21st Jurisdiction Symposium - Foreign Recognition of Liechtenstein Companies and Foundations

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Dr. iur. HSG Peter Prast, MBA (Chicago)


22.11.2012 18:00 - 20:00


By far more legal entities exist or were "born" in Liechtenstein than natural persons. Thus, the issue concerning foreign recognition of Liechtenstein companies and foundations for civil law purposes is significant for the small country of Liechtenstein. Finding an answer to this issue presents a problem for the application of the law, which in turn is at the centre of discussion in international company law. In recent years, the European Court of Justice's decisions on the freedom of establishment and the freedom of movement of capital has, in this regard, clearly abated Liechtenstein's position, as an EEA Member State. Most recently, however, an increasing number of foreign judgments have been passed, which present Liechtenstein companies and especially foundations with new challenges. At the 21st Jurisdiction Symposium, these developments will be presented using a selection of foreign decisions and critically analysed.

Target Audience

Lawyers, trustees, financial auditors, employees working in the legal departments of administrative bodies and in the financial centre, and any other people interested in current case law.

Information Contact

Paulina Bracher, MSc
Prof. Dr. Francesco Schurr


CHF 210,- per person incl. materials, a certificate of participation and an aperit


Nov 30, 2012


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