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Liechtenstein Trust Conference 2016

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Dr. Adam Hofri-Winogradow
Prof. Dr. Maurizio Lupoi
Prof. Dr. Paul Matthews
Dr. Kurt Moosmann
Mag. Dr. Johanna Niegel, LL.M., LL.M., TEP
Prof. Dr. Francesco Schurr
Rupert Ticehurst


Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Trusts continue to garner increased attention worldwide due to their flexibility, proven use in family situations and especially for private wealth protection. Therefore, this year’s conference will begin with a discussion of the purpose and use of private trust companies with a special focus on family governance and the practical aspects of asset protection.

The second conference session will focus on trusts in civil law jurisdictions. The legal grafting of trusts into non-traditional trust jurisdiction raises questions regarding the effectiveness of provisions in relation to other areas of law, therefore the discussion will focus on issues of compatibility of the trust concept with underlying civil law systems, such as the Liechtenstein legal system.

As demand for discretionary trusts increases, it is becoming ever more important to ascertain the standards to which a trustee’s exercise of discretionary powers will be held. These will be discussed at the beginning of the third conference session, followed by a more general presentation of empirical findings on international trust practice.

Clients wishing to take advantage of the benefits offered by trusts, particularly those in civil law jurisdictions, may be reluctant to give up complete control of their assets to trustees who are located in foreign (offshore) jurisdictions. This problem can be overcome by the appointment of a trust protector, an office developed in offshore jurisdictions and currently enjoying phenomenal success across the world. As the role of protectors varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the extent of a protector’s powers and duties in various jurisdictions will be discussed in the final session of the conference.

The conference presentations will be given by internationally renowned practitioners and academics, and participants will have sufficient opportunity to raise questions after the presentations and to participate in the closing panel discussion. The entire conference will be conducted in English.

Target Audience

Lawyers, trustees, judges, public prosecutors, employees in banks, insurance companies and financial service providers, legal academics as well as anyone interested in trust law.

Information Contact

Paulina Bracher, MSc
Prof. Dr. Francesco Schurr


810.00 Swiss francs per person incl. conference materials, a certificate of participation, lunch and an aperitif.

A voucher is included in the price for the conference volume on the proceedings of the Liechtenstein Trust Conference 2016. This volume will be published by Dike Verlag, Zurich and is planned for Autumn 2016.


Apr 11, 2016


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