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Between Tradition and Innovation: Liechtenstein Cooperative System

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Dr. Thomas Dünser
lic. iur. Märten Geiger, LL.M.
Udo G. Oksakowski
Thomas Vogt, MSEE
Dr. Ing. Christoph Wiedner


31.08.2017 18:00 - 19:30


The changing scope of application of cooperatives: from Alpine and civil cooperatives to innovation cooperatives

The cooperative system in Liechtenstein has been experiencing significant changes for some time. With the advent of the Innovation Cooperative a new aspect has been added to the familiar Alpine and civil cooperatives.

The cooperative system in Liechtenstein rests on three different legal foundations, namely the Person and Company Law" (PGR), the Law on Cooperatives, and the Regulation on the Statute for a European Cooperative Society. In a new publication, commonalities and differences of these three aspects will be shown for the first time from a legal point of view. Starting from the historical foundations of the cooperative system, the connection is made with the recent emerging innovation cooperatives.

In addition to the presentation of the publication "Rechtliche Ausgestaltung des Genossenschaftswesens in Liechtenstein" several speakers will report from the recent practice of innovation cooperatives. This new scope of application has been launched in 2015 by the Ministry for General Government Affairs and Finance under the name of Liechtenstein Venture Cooperative (LVC). Its purpose is to offer a simple and legally secure framework to inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors in the early phases of innovation. In legal terms an LVC is a small cooperative according to Art. 483ff PGR (Liechtenstein "Person and Company Law") and thus combines the old tradition of cooperative system with the modern requirements of a knowledge-based and innovation society.

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Target Audience

Members of cooperatives, lawyers, trustees, auditors, legal staff in the administration and in the finance industry, company founders and people interested in innovation.

Information Contact

lic. iur. Frédérique Lambrecht, LL.M.
Prof. Dr. Francesco Schurr


Aug 27, 2017


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