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40th After-Work Lecture: Let's All Learn How to Fish…to Sustain Long-Term Economic Growth

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Michael Falk, CFA, CRC


22.11.2017 17:30 - 19:00


Demographics do not have to be destiny. We have a choice. Today's economic growth challenges will become greater in the future because of the world's aging population, fertility levels and trends, and current entitlement policies. Those challenges can be overcome with thoughtful public policies and a culture that fosters responsibility and appreciation.
Michael Falk's "Let's All Learn How to Fish… to Sustain Long-Term Economic Growth" reconsiders what makes us "healthy, wealthy, and wise." Our past does not need to be prologue to our future, but all of us (who are capable) need to take responsibility to ensure it does not become so. Policies that reward paying riders, not free riders, are needed. The book focuses on how we might re-imagine health care, retirement, and education policies to usher in a new ERA (… from Entitlement to Responsibility with Appreciation) of sustainable long-term economic growth.

Target Audience

Professionals from Corporations, Banks, Asset and Investment Management Companies, Insurance Companies, Financial Advisory Services, Tax Administration, Lawyers, Trustees, Fund Managers and Financial Auditors. Graduate and undergraduate students with interest in investments and finance.

Information Contact

Dr. Lars Kaiser


Nov 20, 2017


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