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"Blockchain meets Liechtenstein" III

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Dr. Thomas Dünser
Mag. iur. Marco Dworschak
Prof. Dr. Andreas Furrer, LL.M.
RA Marcel Hostettler, MBA, MAS in Finance
Dipl.-Kfm. Matthias Langer, LL.M.
Mag. iur. Angelika Layr, BSc, LL.M.
Mag. iur. Thomas Nägele
Prof. Dr. Nicolas Raschauer
Dr. Helene Rebholz, LL.M., RA
RA Andreas Rudolf, LL.M.
Prof. Dr. Francesco Schurr
Dr. Oliver Völkel, LL.M.


26.03.2019 13:00 - 17:30


Security Token Offering and Current Legal Developments in the Three-Border Region of Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria

In the two preceding events of the conference series, a wide range of regulatory and private-law issues have already been intensively discussed in connection with the Government's consultation report on "the adoption of an Act on transaction systems based on trustworthy technologies (Blockchain Act)". The consultation period has now expired, which is why the conference will start with an update on current developments in Liechtenstein.

In the following first thematic block, legal issues around the topic of security tokens will be examined in-depth from a Liechtenstein, Swiss and Austrian perspective. As cross-border issues are not the exception but the rule in the context the "Token Economy", international private-law questions will be explained before the discussion of the presentations is opened.

In the second thematic block we will address selected individual topics, which are intensively discussed in the context of the current developments around crypto-based assets and business models. At the outset the legal nature and qualification of tokens will be examined from a civil law perspective, followed by tax and accounting with a special focus on security tokens. In case of bankruptcy, cryptocurrencies and tokens raise many questions, which have to be addressed at an early age. This is also the case regarding the relationship between data protection and blockchain, which is why our speakers will also address this topic.

Target Audience

Employees of financial services companies such as banks, asset managers, investment funds and insurance companies, supervisory and regulatory authorities and consulting firms. Employees of law firms and fiduciary offices; employees of trustworthy technologies service providers; interested people from science and practice.

Information Contact

lic. iur. Frédérique Lambrecht, LL.M.
Prof. Dr. Francesco Schurr


CHF 350,- per person including meals and a certificate of participation.

Conference documents will be made available in electronic form prior to the event. Please note that no printed conference folder will be issued for this event.


Mar 18, 2019


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