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2. Corporate Governance Tagung in Liechtenstein

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Peter Beck
Ass.-Prof. Dr. iur. Alexandra Butterstein, LL.M.
Prof. Dr. Michael Hanke
Prof. Dr. Roland Müller
Christoph Pichler
Dr. iur. Klaus Tschütscher, LL.M.
Christian Wolf
Dr. Thomas Zwiefelhofer, Dr.iur. HSG Dipl.Arch. ETH



Giessenstrasse 7
FL - 9490 Vaduz

Wednesday, September 1, 2021, 8.30-5.00


Management and control of public companies in Liechtenstein

The University of Liechtenstein, with its Chair of Company, Foundation and Trust Law and in cooperation with the Board Foundation, is conducting a one-day seminar that addresses the management and control of public companies.
On the occasion of the 11th anniversary of the Liechtenstein Law on the Governance and Supervision of Public Enterprises (ÖUSG), the seminar will deal, in the context of this pioneering work with the work of the members of the strategic management bodies of public enterprises. Experienced speakers with expertise from public companies will shed light on relevant topics of public corporate governance from different perspectives.
After the introductory welcome by Dr. Klaus Tschütscher, President of the University Council of the University of Liechtenstein, and Ass.-Prof. Dr. Alexandra Butterstein, representative of the Chair of Company, Foundation and Trust Law, the speakers will first present the terminological and legal foundations. After that, the important topics of owner strategy and corporate strategy as well as the interaction of the strategic management level will be discussed. as well as the interaction of the strategic management level with the government in the context of overall supervision. After the buffet and networking lunch, participants will have the opportunity to delve into special topics in break-out sessions before a special focus is placed on risk management and compliance.
A special focus will be placed on risk management and compliance. The presentations will be rounded off by a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Klaus Tschütscher and Ass.-Prof. Dr. Alexandra Butterstein followed by a closing aperitif.
We would like to thank the Board Foundation for their support with the content of the conference.

Target Audience

The seminar is aimed at current and prospective members of top management bodies (board of directors, supervisory board, board of trustees and executive boards), in particular of public companies in Liechtenstein and the region, parliamentarians, government and administrative employees, municipal officials, commission members, but also other persons interested in the topic. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 40.

Information Contact

lic. iur. Frédérique Lambrecht, LL.M.
Ass.-Prof. Dr. iur. Alexandra Butterstein, LL.M.


CHF 680,- per person including certificate of attendance, lunch and aperitif. Seminar documents will be provided in electronic form in advance of the event. Please note that no printed seminar folder will therefore be issued at this event.


Aug 25, 2021


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