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Finance Award

The Institute of Finance at the University of Liechtenstein annually honors students with outstanding achievements based on their bachelor and master theses in banking and finance. This year's Finance Award will be supported by IMT Asset Management AG, Vaduz.

The competition is open to students and graduates of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes at the University of Liechtenstein, whose theses has been rated at least "good" (5.0). With this competition, the Institute of Finance at the University of Liechtenstein encourages students to achieve outstanding scientific and practice-oriented performances.

Criteria for the Finance Award:

  • Scientific achievement
  • Relevance to the financial market
  • Timeliness and innovation potential

Nominations 2019

  • Dominik Brändle, BSc
    Portfolio Optimization in a Cryptocurrency Environment: An Omega Optimization
  • Robert Deflorian, BSc
    Der Robo-Advisor als Ergänzung zu bestehenden FinTech-Lösungen
  • Antonia Pipal, BSc
    Cryptoasset Portfolios: Analysis of Diversification Strategies

  • Bruno Jäger, MSc
    Multi-Factor Timing
  • Artur Maibach, MSc
    Cross-Sectional Volatility and the Prediction of Factor Premia
  • Julia Resch, MSc
    Infrastructure Finance with Green Bonds
    Barriers and Opportunities for Issuers and Investors in Developed 
    Countries and Emerging Markets

Application process 2019

Please, submit your application with the following documents by E-Mail to banking@uni.li, Subject "Finance Award", Deadline for submission: Tuesday, 10 September 2019:

The completed and signed application form together with the following enclosures:
1. Electronic version of your thesis (PDF)
2. Motivation & reason for choice of topic (max. 100 words, DOCX)
3. Summary of your thesis (max. 450 words, DOCX):
     research question, methodology, results and practical relevance
4. Personal findings during the thesis process (max. 100 words, DOCX)
5. Picture (good quality, maximum size of 1 MB)

From all applications received, 4 - 6 theses will become nominated for the Finance Award.
In case of nomination you have to deliver the document "Summary of your thesis" in German Language within 1 week.

Chair in Business Administration, Banking and Financial Management
Prof. Dr. Marco Menichetti
Assistant: Anna-Maria Cornal, Tel. +423 265 13 49, banking@uni.li




Finance Award 2019Award ceremony

28.11.2019 17:30 - 19:00

We are pleased to award the Finance Award Liechtenstein 2019 to the students with the best bachelor and master theses in Banking and Finance at the University of Liechtenstein. The award has been presented since 2004.