4200000: Lecture: Fattinger Orso Architekten - Cultural identities and planning cultures

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Semester:WS 16/17
Type:Architecture Lecture Series
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How do cultural identities influence our planning culture? Which identities do meet in a region, a city, or a village? Which stakeholder from politics, business, or culture decide actually really what our environment looks like? Why should it play a role, whether my neighbour, an architect or an investor builds in my neighbourhood?

Fattinger Orso Architektur is a Vienna-based Design and Fabrication Studio working at the intersection of architecture, art and design. The work ranges from small object design, interior projects, exhibition
design to public art installations, cultural productions and urban interventions, as well as lecturing and teaching. Motivated
by the will to maintain the conceptual, architectural and economic control of their projects the studio ideally acts as developer, designer and constructor, working beyond the classical spectre of architectural practice.



15.12.201615:30 - 16:30