4208442: Español Avanzado

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Semester:WS 16/17
Scheduled in semester:1 - 6
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:28.0 L / 21.0 h
Self-directed study time:69.0 h

Module coordination/Lecturers




This module supports the development of basic communicative and cultural competence in Spanish.

Learning Outcomes

>understanding and passing on simple information
>taking part in simple everyday conversation
>reporting past events
>creating simple texts


Lectures Method

Interaction, study skills

Admission Requirements

Module "Espanol Elemental II" or the following competences/knowledge

A. Speaking
o time
o numbers from 100 to 1 million, ordinal numbers from 1 to 10
o colours
o speaking about everyday activities
o asking for and giving directions
o means of transport
o furnishing of houses
o adverbials of place: delante de, detrás de …
o buying clothes/groceries: En una tienda
o adverbials of frequency: a veces, cada día …

B. Comprehension
o understanding dialogues referring to the topics in A.

C. Reading
o reading and understanding simple texts
o understanding and answering questions about the texts

D. Writing
o writing simple texts (referring to the topics in A.)
o summarizing texts

E. Grammar
o the progressive form: estar + gerundio
o indefinite pronouns: algún, algunos …
o the comparison of adjectives
o the direct and indirect object pronouns: lo, los, … le, les …
o the conjugation of verbs with diphthongs: me acuesto …


Please bring the following book with you to the first meeting: eñe A1: Der Spanischkurs (Hueber Verlag).


80% compulsory attendance


  • PAL-08_Español Avanzado (WS 16/17, bestätigt)