4108094: Financial Derivatives

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Semester:SS 16
Scheduled in semester:2
Semester Hours per Week / Contact Hours:42.0 L / 31.5 h
Self-directed study time:118.5 h

Module coordination/Lecturers


Master's degree programme in Banking and Financial Management (01.10.2008)
Master's degree programme in Finance (01.09.2015)


  • Derivatives Markets and Instruments: Forwards, Futures, Options, Swaps, Exotics, Credit Derivatives
  • Pricing of Equity, Fixed Income, Currency, Commodity, and Credit Derivatives
  • Hedging Using Derivatives
  • Financial Engineering

Lecture Goals

After completing this lectures, students know about the risks associated with financial derivatives as well as their potential for applications in risk management and financial engineering.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how derivatives and derivatives markets work
  • Price financial derivatives
  • Use Greek variables in risk management and financial engineering
  • Devise and/or analyze derivatives strategies for speculation, hedging and arbitrage
  • Combine basic instruments to achieve desired payoff structures/decompose payoff structures into their basic components


Lectures Method

Interactive lectures with exercises

Admission Requirements

Successful completion of the module "Financial Economics and Markets"


  • Hull, J. C. (2011). Options, futures and other derivatives (8th global ed.). Harlow: Pearson.


Slides will be available via moodle.

Exam Modalities

Written exam (90 minutes)


Grading will be based entirely on the final exam.


25.02.201609:00 - 12:15H4
26.02.201610:45 - 12:15H4
03.03.201609:00 - 12:15H4
10.03.201609:00 - 12:15H4
17.03.201609:00 - 14:30H4
24.03.201609:00 - 13:00H4
07.04.201609:00 - 12:15H4
21.04.201609:00 - 13:00H4
19.05.201609:00 - 12:15H4
02.06.201609:00 - 12:15H4


  • PWW-MA_Financial Derivatives (SS 16, bewertet)
  • PWW-MA_Financial Derivatives (WS 16/17, bewertet)