International Legal English Certificate (ILEC)

The International Legal English Certificate issued by Cambridge University is one of the internationally recognised language diplomas on levels B2 and C1.

Educational Goal

The goal of the two-semester University course is the preparation of participants for the ILEC Examination provided by a Cambridge ESOL centre. Participants are specially prepared to utilise the English language in conversational situations of legal content.

The Hochschule course may also be attended independent of the international examination.

Admission Requirement

Requirement for admission to the University course is advanced knowledge of English on a school-leaving examination level.

Course Content

Specialised vocabulary in the areas of reading, writing, speaking und listening is acquired and practiced. Topics treated are contract law, company structures, competition law and general business English. Appropriate language usage is practiced by means of authentic texts and case studies. The basic teaching material is “Introduction to International Legal English" and  “International Legal English” by Cambridge University Press supplemented by documents corresponding to the specific needs of the participants.

Participation Confirmation

The University of Liechtenstein advises participants of their acceptance to the University course (75% compulsory attendance).

Registration for the Cambridge Certificate examinations is the responsibility of the individual participants.


Module 1: Introduction to International Legal English (30 lessons)
once a week, Tuesday from 6.00 p.m. to 8.15 p.m., start 23th September 2014

Module 2: International Legal English (42 lessons)
once a week, Tuesday from 6.00 p.m. to 8.15 p.m., start 20th January 2015.


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CHF 1'990.- including teaching materials
Module 1: CHF 1050.-, Modul 2: CHF 1470.-

Student Counselling

Study AdministratorMandeep, LL.B., M.A. is happy to assist you personally. For general information, please contact Ms Mirjam Meier.