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Diploma award ceremony with doctorates and special prizes

On Friday, 4 April the University of Liechtenstein held its 2014 diploma and doctorate award ceremony, conferring three doctorates as well as prizes for exceptional performance on graduates from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

On Friday, 4 April the University of Liechtenstein held its 2014 diploma and doctorate award ceremony, conferring three doctorates as well as prizes for exceptional performance on graduates from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.   

Impressions of the diploma and doctorate award ceremony 2014
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79 students in all received an academic degree on successfully completing their course.

Exceptional performance 

Rector Klaus Näscher and the Chairman of the University Senate, Professor DI MAAS Peter Droege, conferred academic degrees in the faculties of Architecture and Business Studies on the successful candidates attending. For the fifth time doctorates at the University of Liechtenstein were also awarded. This year the doctor’s degree was conferred on three Business Studies students: Ingo Bildstein and Claudia Brunner, specialising in Entrepreneurship and Management, and Aron Veress, specialising in International Financial Services.

The three doctoral graduates: Claudia Brunner, Ingo Bildstein and Aron Veress

‘The academic degrees these students have achieved today should be seen, first of all, as an important milestone in their professional development. On the other hand, the students who are leaving have also taken to heart important central values over these last few years – values which will be a great support to them in any future life situation. These include tolerance of other cultures, solidarity with colleagues and fairness in relation to competitors,’ said Professor Francesco A. Schurr, holder of the Chair of Social, Foundation and Trust Law, in his address.

A total of six graduates were awarded special prizes for exceptional performance by Liechtenstein and Swiss companies and associations. 

Awards in the Faculty of Architecture

In the Faculty of Architecture, the award sponsored by Swiss Engineering STV – the Swiss professional association of engineers and architects – for the year’s best performance in the Architecture BA course, went as a tie to two graduates who achieved identical results, both with a thesis mark of 6.0 and an average mark of 5.7: Dina Brütsch from Altstätten, Switzerland, and Theresa Rädler from Eichenberg, Austria.

Archimedes – the Association of Swiss University Graduates – and the Liechtenstein Association of Engineers and Architects presented their award for best performance on the Architecture course. The prize went to Rodrigo Alba Krasovsky from Mexico, with a mark of 5.5 for his master’s thesis and an average mark of 5.2. 

Prizewinners from left to right.: Rodrigo Alba Krasovsky, Heiko Hehle, Dinah Nevin Brütsch, Teresa Rädler, Hanna Maria Kopf and Peter Sommerauer

Prizes for graduates in Business Economics

The ‘Promoting Young Technological Talent’ foundation, an offshoot of Hilti AG in Schaan, awarded prizes for the most innovative Bachelor’s and Master’s theses in Business Economics. In the Bachelor’s degree programme, the prize went to Peter Sommerauer, from Nendeln, Liechtenstein, with a thesis mark of 6.0. In the Master’s degree programme, the winner was Heiko Hehle from Krumbach, Austria, on the Banking and Financial Management course, whose thesis achieved a mark of 5.2. 

The Liechtenstein Bankers’ Association (LBV) awarded prizes for the best average marks in all modules of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Business Administration with a special focus on Financial Services. In the Business Administration Bachelor’s degree programme, the award went to Hanna Maria Kopf from Röthis, Austria, with a mark of 5.6 On the Banking and Financial Management Master’s degree course, the award again went to Heiko Hehle for his thesis mark of 5.1.  

Rector Klaus Näscher expressed himself delighted with ‘the extraordinary quality of the graduates, which in many cases will now benefit the economy both of Liechtenstein and of the surrounding region.’ 

The graduates of the University of  Liechtenstein in the summer semester 2014

Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture

Baumgartinger-Seiringer, Anita / Götzis, Austria
Beham, Sebastian Peter / Dietramszell, Germany
Brütsch, Dinah Nevin / Altstätten, Switzerland
Czok, Valerie / Friedrichshafen, Germany
Egli, Reto / Zurich, Switzerland
Engler, Basil Leonhard / Rorschacherberg, Switzerland
Gnädinger, Pierrette / Untereggen, Switzerland
Gschwend, Sonja Veronika / Triesenberg, Liechtenstein
Haspel, Nathalie Magdalena / Ludesch, Austria
Ljatifi, Amela / Triesen, Liechtenstein
Pfister, Christian / Thüringerberg, Austria
Rädler, Teresa / Eichenberg, Austria
Schläpfer, Christina / Adetswil, Switzerland
Schnetzer, Stefanie Anna / Röthis, Austria
Schweninger, Rosalie Isabel / Lustenau, Austria
Soltész, Edith / Feldkirch, Austria
Stelzl, Melanie Alexandra / Triesen, Liechtenstein
Stucki, Nicole / Oberurnen, Switzerland
Wachsmann, Ramona Isabel / Ebersbach-Musbach, Germany
Wagner, Pascal / Dornbirn, Austria

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
Fitz, Tobias / Lustenau, Austria
Kopf, Hanna Maria / Röthis, Austria
Krenn, Daniel / Rorschach, Switzerland
Neukam, Peter / Tschagguns, Austria
Pölzl, Nadine / Nüziders, Austria
Richter, Novka / Frastanz, Austria
Schmutzer, Daniel / Wolfurt, Austria
Stefani, Volker / Lochau, Austria
Stucki, Marco / Sax, Switzerland
Tydda, Karolina Maria / Chur, Switzerland
Wellinger, Claudio / Grüsch, Switzerland
Zäch, Andreas / Oberriet, Switzerland

Bachelor’s Degree in Business IT
Baumann, Michael / Kennelbach, Austria
Hollenstein, David / Lustenau, Austria
Kaiser, Pascal / Gamprin-Bendern, Liechtenstein
Wüst, Christian / Oberriet, Switzerland

Master’s Degree in Architecture
Alba Krasovsky, Rodrigo / Mexico City, Mexico
Alfieri, Mattia / Montechiarugolo, Italy
Dunn, Gareth Trevor / Jungingen, Germany
Furrer, Isabella / Lenzerheide, Switzerland
Giesinger, Volker / Altach, Austria
Mangold, Alexander Ingo / Hard, Austria
Schiavón Dávila, Steffano / State of Mexico, Mexico
Schwarzhans, Christian / Wald am Arlberg, Austria
Steidl, Johannes Peter / Neunburg vorm Wald, Germany
Tobler, Ralph / Wil, Switzerland
Tudoran, Ioan Lucian / Bucharest, Romania
Warger, Sebastian / Bregenz, Austria
Wehinger, Matthias / Götzis, Austria

Master’s Degree in Banking and Financial Management
Hehle, André / Krumbach, Austria
Hehle, Heiko / Krumbach, Austria
Tasdemir, Sema / Jona, Switzerland

Master’s Degree in IT & Business Process Management
Duan, Huichun / Belp, Switzerland
Gstöhl, Rainer / Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Osipova, Darja / Eschen, Liechtenstein

Ph. D. in Business Economics
Bildstein, Ingo Erich / Ratingen, Germany
Brunner, Claudia / Kranzberg, Germany
Veress, Aron / Sevelen, Switzerland

EMBA in Entrepreneurial Management

Amann, Alexander / Dornbirn, Austria
Boss, Marco / Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Ehm, Alexander / Haag, Switzerland
Heck, Markus / Walldorf, Germany
Maccarini, Mathieu / Neftenbach, Switzerland
Marxer, Jürgen / Mauren, Liechtenstein
Miessgang, Michael / Dornbirn, Austria
Rusch, Guido / Heerbrugg, Switzerland
Spiegel, Walter / Hohenems, Austria
Bernold, Nicole / Mels, Switzerland
Büchel, Thomas / Ruggell, Liechtenstein
De Vries, Bastiaan / St. Gallen, Switzerland
Elkuch, Patrick / Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Gerber, Philipp Heinrich / Triesenberg, Liechtenstein
Kais, Joachim / Schaan, Liechtenstein
Lämmler, Felix / St. Gallen, Switzerland
Lancashire, Kevin / Binningen, Switzerland
Parró, Paolo / Domat/Ems, Switzerland
Shala, Selver / Balzers, Liechtenstein
Summer, Stefan / Dafins, Austria
Troper, Marc / Zuzwil, Switzerland