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Hilti and the University of Liechtenstein win the WfMC Global Award for Excellence in BPM & Workflow

The Hilti Corporation and the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management of the University of Liechtenstein owned by Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke together won the „2017 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow” as was made public at the Announcement Event on Dec, 12th.

This prestigious award honors organizations that have implemented innovative business process solutions to meet strategic business objectives.

Dr. Martin Petry (Hilti CIO), Susanne Buddendick (Head of Communication Services at Hilti), as well as Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, Charlotte Wehking, and Dr. Theresa Schmiedel from the University of Liechtenstein participated in this international competition with a collaborative case study.

The case study reports how Hilti succeeded in standardizing its process, data, and IT infrastructure worldwide. The goal of this transformation project involved setting global company standards, while being agilely responsive to local requirements at the same time. This transformation project paved the way for Hilti to implement innovative concepts such as Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Internet-of-Things efficiently and to play a leading role in digital transformation within the construction industry.

Since 1996 the Global Award for Excellence in BPM & Workflow ranks among the most prestigious prizes in the range of Business Process Management worldwide. The award is jointly sponsored by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) and BPM.com and organized by Future Strategies Inc. An international panel of experts from science and practice evaluated all nominations in a very competitive process. Previous laureates among others are notable enterprises as Adidas, Die Mobiliar, Johnson & Johnson, Nokia Siemens Networks, SBB, Warner Brothers Home Entertainment. Winning the award is a further proof of global leadership in Business Process Management in Liechtenstein.