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International start-up forge docks onto the University of Liechtenstein

TIW AG, a technology company based in Cham in the Swiss canton Zug, is entering into a strategic partnership with the University of Liechtenstein. Within this partnership, TIW intends to further develop the company and design new, innovative IT products and services in order to tap into growth markets. At the University of Liechtenstein, TIW has access to the academic expertise it needs to support its product development.

Technologies Improving the World (TIW) AG is a Swiss company that emerged from the collaboration between Swiss-based German financial investor Eugen von Rubinberg and Ukrainian software engineer Alexander Konovalov. TIW AG employs around 100 software specialists in Europe.

TIW sees itself as a European alternative to the major software companies and hardware developers in Silicon Valley.

This year, TIW AG will, among other things, launch the most sophisticated version of the messenger app DROTR – described by the Swiss business magazine “Bilanz” as “the next WhatsApp”. This messenger can translate messages into 103 languages and audio and video calls into 44 languages.

Another TIW project known as “Ausweis” (“ID Card") was recently unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) – the world's largest consumer electronics fair. “Ausweis” is an Internet of Things (IoT) locking solution that provides mobile access to all areas and consists of a Smart Controller and an app. “Ausweis” can control doors, garage doors, turnstiles and other electrical locking systems.

The investor and entrepreneur Eugen von Rubinberg provides support for start-up companies regarding founding, financing and marketing. As in the case of TIW AG, he also takes on the operational management in order to ensure sustainable growth.

Core subjects for corporate development

Eugin von Rubinberg defines education as a central resource for start-ups and values the academic support for his portfolio. He explains why TIW AG is “docking onto” the University of Liechtenstein: “All the competencies required for business and product development – entrepreneurial orientation, digital aspects, finance and law – can be found, uniquely combined, in Liechtenstein”. In return, Rubinberg will support the development of the future area of corporate development and start-up promotion.