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New knowledge platform offers comprehensive orientation and inspiration for charitable commitment

The Center for Philanthropy at the University of Liechtenstein has launched a new online information service. The portal "Liechtenstein Philanthropy Talks" (philanthropytalks.li/) offers extensive knowledge about charitable commitment and philanthropy. Under the motto "HOLISTIC. MEANINGFUL. EFFECTIVE." it is aimed at philanthropists, volunteers and all those working in the charitable, non-profit sector.

The new platform makes the Center for Philanthropy's in-depth practical and research knowledge accessible to a broad international target group. For example, it offers information on various forms of philanthropic commitment, how to find focal points and how to measure impact. People who want to set up a charitable institution such as a foundation will also find plenty of guidance.
"In view of the variety of possibilities and forms of philanthropic commitment, people who want to set up a foundation are often unsure. It is important for them to first of all be clear about their own motives and goals. With the Philanthropy Talks, we now offer a comprehensive orientation service," says Prof. Dr. Marc Gottschald, Director of the Center for Philanthropy and creator of the portal.
The visually appealing platform https://philanthropytalks.li/, which is enhanced with numerous illustrations, consists of nine "Inspirations" that explain the basics of charitable commitment. Questions are answered such as: What types of involvement are there? How do you find the right cause and the right form of implementation? How do you plan your commitment in an impact-oriented way?

Knowledge and attitude

The second, even more comprehensive area is "Insights". These are intended to help people who are already active in charitable work to further develop themselves and their work and to reflect on their personal attitude: What is the importance of trust and control in charitable work? How do foundations find good partners in order to implement their own concerns as effectively as possible? In addition, trends and developments in the philanthropic sector will be analyzed: What is the significance of Bill and Melinda Gates' Giving Pledge initiative, which has received a lot of media attention? What is behind the concept of venture philanthropy? Critical topics are also covered: For example, an essay on "philanthrocapitalism" discusses the question of how useful it is when, especially in large entrepreneurially managed foundations
economic calculation, efficiency considerations and a focus on key figures are increasingly gaining ground. Critics criticize a reductionist attitude that does not do justice to the complex problems to be solved.
"With the Philanthropy Talks, we want to give philanthropists positive food for thought from research and practice," says Dr. Christian Meyn, lecturer at the Center for Philanthropy and one of the authors of the site. "Above all, however, we want to encourage people to engage in good dialogs and to work effectively for the common good - worldwide and in Liechtenstein."