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University of Liechtenstein partners with Kimera Systems

Kimera Systems and the University of Liechtenstein announce their partnership. The objective of the partnership is to jointly explore economic models based on the new AGI algorithm (Artificial General Intelligence). The collaboration will take place at the University's Institute of Information Systems and provide students at the university with access to the world’s leading experts and technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. The focus is on developing new business models for companies and testing them on very specific projects.

“AGI” is a form of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that can successfully master intellectual challenges in a similar manner to the human brain. Analysts believe that this technology can ensure a maximum exchange of knowledge. AGI can thus play a key role in the beginning of a new technological and social decade of digitisation. “The loss of one’s job due to automation is a topic that is currently affecting more and more people. However, the problem is not the automation but the prevailing economic system.  Based on our deliberations about future economic activities we have developed a model which allows every participant to make a contribution and to be rewarded for this – regardless of the respective workplace”, says Mounir Shita, co-founder and CEO of Kimera Systems.

Examining digitisation using economic models

Kimera will provide the university with its AGI technology and from May 2018 will examine and develop economic models under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, the holder of the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management and head of the Institute of Information Systems. “We are very excited about the opportunity to collaborate with leading experts in this key future discipline. In many places, artificial intelligence is looked at on a purely technical basis. Primarily, we are exploring new business opportunities for companies together with the relevant social conditions” says Prof. Dr. vom Brocke.
Starting this autumn, the new technology will be integrated into the university’s teaching practice via “chatbots” allowing students to apply AGI and derive solution scenarios. “AGI is still in its infancy, but the area offers many exciting opportunities and major challenges. The Kimera software provides opportunities for our campus to bring artificial intelligence to life. We will work together on usage scenarios on how we can utilise artificial intelligence for a 'smart' Liechtenstein region. We will also put these scenarios into practice with local partners and develop them together” says vom Brocke. “We are really looking forward to the task in hand and the collaboration.” 

About Kimera Systems    
Founded in 2012 in Portland, Oregon, Kimera Systems, Inc. has developed the world's first algorithm for general artificial intelligence, known as “AGI” technology. This technology enables digital devices to use networking to proactively support people in their daily lives. The technology learns new things every day and understands the objectives we want to achieve. It submits context-related suggestions with ever-increasing precision. Everything the algorithm learns can be put to good use at any other location and by any other user.

Invitation to “Meet up – Artificial Intelligence” 
The Institute of Information Systems in cooperation with Kimera Systems cordially invites you to a “Meet up” on the topic of “Advanced Artificial Intelligence” on 4 June 2018 from 5 to 7 pm at the University of Liechtenstein. All interested parties are invited to discuss this topic in a friendly atmosphere.

Please register online or via e-mail to iwi@uni.li