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University of Liechtenstein wins one of the world’s leading experts on internet security

The University of Liechtenstein has succeeded in winning Gunnar Porada, one of the world's leading experts in the field of internet security, for the Competence Center for Cyber Security at the Institute of Information Systems. Porada, who is also known to a wider audience thanks to his spectacular “live hacking” and appearances on numerous television programmes, will start his work in February 2018.

The University of Liechtenstein is currently setting up a competence center for internet security in order to further strengthen Liechtenstein as a location for this key future discipline and to be able to provide effective support for security projects in the country. The foundation is in conjunction with the ground-breaking sponsoring by Hilti AG of the Hilti Chair of Data and Application Security at the Institute of Information Systems. The University is thus expanding its portfolio in the area of digitisation very effectively.

Liechtenstein as a leading security location

“The more things and services appear on the Internet, the more important protection against access and manipulation becomes, for example in relation to machines, cars or assets” says Professor Dr med. Jan vom Brocke, the initiator and founder of the competence center. “Today, however, only very few organisations and locations can ensure this protection, which means digitisation is currently perched on a dangerous security bubble, and those who have the answers here will be among the winners” adds the head of the institute . This is exactly where the competence center comes into play: Researchers and practitioners are readily available to get organisations in the region fit in security issues, to develop long-term strategies and to realise specific projects together with the business world, politics and society. Liechtenstein can evolve into one of the leading security locations and also attract start-ups in the fast growing market for cyber security.

Expert in all types of attack

Together with the founding of the competence center, it has now also been possible to win the leading cyber security expert Gunnar Porada for the university. Porada has been active in the IT security industry for over 25 years and has held various positions as a consultant and product manager. He became known especially thanks to his spectacular lectures on “live hacking” and reports in the international media, for instance regarding the possibilities of attacking the electronic passport. As of February 2018, Porada will be working as an affiliate scientist and university lecturer at the competence center, providing significant impulses for the Liechtenstein location. “Thanks to the short distances, the high concentration of companies and the scientific expertise of the university, Liechtenstein is opening exciting perspectives and great opportunities for internet safety” says Gunnar Porada.

Jürgen Brücker is delighted with the very positive development, and believes that the topic is of enormous relevance to Liechtenstein and the neighbouring South German, Austrian and Swiss federal states and cantons. “I am convinced that, through this initiative, we are making a strategic contribution to positioning Liechtenstein as a secure data location” the rector of the University of Liechtenstein stresses.

The Competence Center for Cyber Security is currently being set up and is open to all organisations in the region. Interested parties are invited to get in touch with the Institute of Information Systems.