Top Management Team Incentives and Paradox

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Type and Duration

PhD-Thesis, since February 2019


Chair of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management

Main Research

Growth and Complexity

Field of Research



The aim of the dissertation is to investigate whether and to what extent financial incentives for top management teams help to address, overcome and embrace strategic paradoxes that occur in companies. The combination of these two relevant research streams should make a relevant contribution to theory and practice. Within a cumulative dissertation, the following three potential fields of research should be investigated:
The first project strives to look at the interplay of CEO and TMT incentives in fostering the simultaneous pursuit of exploration and exploitation (or innovation and efficiency). In the second project, we aim at exploring the effects of TMT incentives on firms’ social and economic performance. Finally, in the third project, we want to examine how incentives evolve over time and which effects these changes have on the evolution of firms’ exploration–exploitation allocations, their long-term performance outcomes and their potentially reinforcing effects.


Ambidexterity, Paradox, Hybrid Organizations, Top Management Teams, Incentives