Managing Cooperation and Competition in the Digital Era

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Type and Duration

FFF-Förderprojekt, June 2020 until May 2022 (finished)


Chair of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management

Main Research

Growth and Complexity


The business environment of the 21st century is characterized by increasing uncertainties and more rapid, unpredictable changes, primarily triggered by ongoing globalization and digitization. In this regard, it can be observed that more and more IT firms, as well as young, small and innovative players, so-called start-ups, are disruptively transforming traditional industries with their novel products and services and are winning market shares from incumbents. These developments pose a particular threat for larger companies, which, due to their historically grown structures, cannot adapt quickly enough to changing market conditions. Therefore, an increasing number of large companies consider collaborating with firms that have high digital literacy to increase their innovation potential and thereby transform their business model to the new conditions to remain competitive. In contrast to traditional models of cooperation, such as customer-supplier relationships, this type of cooperation not only contains cooperative but also competitive elements. Thus, this research project aims to investigate how such partnerships with (potential) competitors have to be designed and managed to be beneficial for all involved parties.

Principal Investigator


  • Forschungsförderungsfonds der Universität Liechtenstein