The vacancy: An investigative analysis of vacancies in Liechtenstein

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Type and Duration

FFF-Förderprojekt, January 2021 until November 2022 (finished)



Main Research

Sustainable Planning and Construction


Liechtenstein has a culture of demolition. Many of the vacant buildings are demolished for socio-economic reasons and replaced by new buildings. Despite the fact that the cultural and historical buildings create identity, shape the view of a place and are existing resources. The predominant practice will be examined within the framework of this research project. The vacancies are understood as store of knowledge and as carrier of memories, stories and dreams. Vacant buildings hold a large pool of social, cultural and architectonical resources which have hardly been explored in Liechtenstein. From this I derive following research question: Where are vacant buildings in Liechtenstein, how are they characterized and what are their informal uses? In a first step, the vacancies are tracked down, documented and collected in a database. Then an investigative analysis is carried out to uncover what is hidden. A workshop and a publication will be held to exploit the results and raise awareness among the local population about how to deal with vacancies. The aim of the research project is to show the potential of vacancies as queered spaces.