Design Science Research in Entrepreneurship

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Type and Duration

Preproposal PhD-Thesis, since February 2022


Hilti Chair of Business Process Management

Main Research

Business Process Management


In the research area of Entrepreneurship, there is not only a high demand for problem solving, but also for the active creation and stimulation of opportunities. Design Science Research (DSR) does not only focus on problem solving and cause finding but also very strongly on the creation of such opportunities in the solution space.
The aim of this dissertation project is to apply DSR as a research method in the research field of Entrepreneurship and thus not only to answer research questions but also to gain consciously stimulating insights. In the field of Entrepreneurship, one usually encounters very real challenges of companies and innovators, where the research interest goes far beyond the knowledge interest in research questions. The proposed dissertation explores how DSR can bring new and more impact as well as insights into the Entrepreneurship topic and add value to it.
At this stage of the dissertation project there is no fixed research question, but possible research objectives could be:
  • How do opportunities arise in the field of entrepreneurship and what conditions must be created for this?
  • How can a design for business opportunities look like and how can it be stimulated?
  • How can innovation/entrepreneurship ecosystems be created and how can they be stimulated?
  • How to design the ideal innovation/entrepreneurship ecosystem for Vlbg.?
The dissertation project can focus on identifying application areas of DSR within the Entrepreneurship research, on the implementation of concrete projects to show the potential of DSR within Entrepreneurship and on creating adding value as well as on new processes for gathering solutions.